Happy® Xmas Trees focusses on art and culture as well as sustainability and a healthier environment, which make the event attractive for both larger as smaller City and organisations who are looking to build or strengthen their CSR-profile and brand. We estimate that the Happy ® Xmas Trees exhibition has been exposed to more than 500.000 Copenhagen citizens on a daily basis. We also estimate that more than 1.000.000 citizens and tourists has seen, touch'ed, danced around and interactively used the trees during the seven weeks the exhibition runs for. In addition to the above mentioned, we expect a lot of publicity on different news- and social medias before, during and after the events as well as

Happy® Xmas Trees is an opportunity for your organisation and city to participate actively through CSR initiatives that are easy to communicate, whether it is internal or external publicity and marketing. Sponsors will be supporting and hosting sculptures at some of the very best spots in November and December. Happy® xmas Trees collaborates with a number of the leading brands within public relation, communication and marketing, specialising in among others culture, events, CSR and branding.

As a sponsor in the event you are able to contribute with news and stories in relation to and / or with relevance to the event which we will publish on our medias. Happy® xmas Trees gives sponsors the opportunity to add campaigns to there own products and engage the public. Sponsor will be published and branded through our happy® xmas Trees mobile- and internet campaigns. Sponsors’ names, logos and websites will be clearly listed on the concrete base of the tree alongside the artists’ information.

For further visibility and publicity we have added a number of features and campaigns, sponsor are able to participate in through social media and mobile and QR codes directly on the happy® xmas Trees trees exhibitioned in inner city.

As a sponsor of a Happy® Xmas Trees during the event you will also support planting of Jatropha trees in Mali, Africa. The Jatropha trees will help create a better environment as well as being CO2 neutralising. Moreover the trees aid in limiting the desert’s advance and regenerate the soil around the trees, giving locals the possibility of growing and harvesting other crops for their own personal benefit.
” Yes! this is what we need to profile the season and the joy of the city, but it is also some very special trees with a special mission and a very special task to help to create a better global environment but also helping to create a good basis for the local people Happy Xmas Trees help in Mali.

Pia Allerslev

The cultural mayor of Copenhagen PIA ALLERSSLEV about XMAS TREES

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