Happy® Xmas Trees is a Danish concept created with its first event in 2010 to Communicate, bring joy and make a difference locally and globally.

Happy® Xmas trees is a large public art- and cultural event exhibitioning up to 100 special basis designed trees made in glass-fibre, each decorated and ornamented into their own unique art and story by local and international artists and designers, organisations and children.

In other words , Happy® Xmas Trees transforms the host city into the greatest outdoor gallery during 7 weeks which will mark the squares, streets, shopping centres and other open spaces of the city with a cross cultural, social and environmental concept during the hole Christmas season.

Happy® Xmas trees events aim to inspire to creativity and communication, and reach as many people as possible.
It revives the spirit of community and communication, bringing together residents of the city with artists, businesses and organisations all supporting and benefitting from the event.
The event have proven to also pull in large attention from the media, tourists and large numbers of outside visitors to the host city.
An innovative and unique way of bringing different cultures together“happy® xmas trees is an unique and innovative way of bringing cultures together. Successful cultural integrations is conditioned by the ability to see common denominators over differences.
Happy® xmas trees is helping us focus on the common denominators.

This project not only advances the cultural integration, it is also one of the solutions to a global environmental issue; it is a fantastic event for culture, and it advances sustainable business growth in some of the worlds poorest countries. This is as good as they get.

I recommend this project to you most cordially.”

Dr. Finn Majlergaard

Dr. Finn Majlergaard, Facilitator at HEC Paris Executive Education - Professor at International School of Management, Paris, Managing Partner at Gugin International Business Development

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