Plant a Tree!
In the wake of Happy® Xmas Trees first exhibition, there have been a high demand of Happy® Xmas Trees miniature trees, which is why we offer you the official Happy® Xmas Trees miniature trees or purchase your own designed sponsored Happy® Xmas Trees miniature tree, as a present to your colleagues, customers, collaboration partners or your own personal Christmas gift.

The miniature trees will be delivered in a beautiful gift box with belonging certificate of origin; name of sponsor, name of artist and the Happy® Xmas Trees story with our purpose, message and concept. Moreover, the receiver of the tree will contribute to our forest planting project in Mali with one tree. For each sold miniature tree, a Jatropha tree will be planted in Mali.

Furthermore the figurine production and transport are fully co2 neutralized and compensated through the planting of the tree. Also written on the Box.

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